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Pregnant women do not produce white blood. They need more blood to meet the demand of pregnancy. They may become pale and look whitish. They need iron supplement in that case.

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Q: Does pregnant woman produces white blood?
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What will happen if pregnant woman more white blood cell than red?

She will be mutant likes Wolverine.

Can a pregnant woman's blood type change?

No, your blood type can not change.

Can o blood type woman get pregnant by a o blood type man?


Blood typing in pregnant woman?

cox she will get more strength

How much higher is the percentage of a pregnant women's blood volume than a non pregnant woman?


How much blood in a pregnant human body?

A pregnant woman's blood volume increases approximately 50% by her 30th week. Therefore, if, on average, the human body contains 5-6 quarts of blood, that would mean by the 30th week of conception, a pregnant woman has on average 7 1/2-9 quarts of blood in her bloodstream.

Why is a woman that is not pregnant urinating blood and blood clots?

that's not heathly at all! go see a dr sweety

Can you give blood when taking roaccutane?

No. This is in case the blood is given to a pregnant woman which could cause birth defects.

How do drugs taken by a pregnant woman reach the fetus?

Via the blood stream and umbilical cord.

How do drugs taken by pregnant woman reach the fetus?

Via the blood stream and umbilical cord.

How does the doctor exam you to see if you are pregnant?

Yes, they can using a special process they can determine whether not a woman is pregnant

Can a woman still get pregnant if the man withdraws and she gushes?

When a woman "gushes" this is simply the result of an orgasm that some women experience and is not related to pregnancy or fertilization. Yes, a woman can still get pregnant even if a man withdrawals. The reason for this is that even before ejaculating, a man produces a clear liquid that is used for lubrication. This liquid is not semen, but it can contain some sperm and hence can sometimes get a woman pregnant.