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well if you are stressed your hair will fall out

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Q: Does pregnancy make a womans hair thicker or thiner?
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Is horses' hair the same for all seasons?

Well, i don't think your asking mane and tail there the same. But there coats do get thicker and thiner. They get thicker when it's cold say winter and maybe fall.(to keep them warm). And thiner in the summer and maybe spring because of the heat.

When you cut your hair does it become thicker?

No, it doesn't. Shorter hair often seems thicker so, when you cut your hair it may feel thicker, but it's not. Also when the ends of your hair are even this makes your hair feel thicker.

Does Prenatal Vitamins Make Your Hair Grow Fater?

No, but pregnancy can make your hair seem thicker, because while pregnant, you tend not to lose as many hairs as you would otherwise.

Does peroxide make hair thicker when you color it?

It will not make your hair thicker or thinner. it will only do that if you over process your hair.

Which hair oil made your hair grow thicker?

Nothing that you can put on from the outside will make your hair grow thicker. (With the possible exception of Minoxidil.)

If you brush your hair does the hair become thicker?

its not possible

Do razers make your hair grow back thicker if your a woman?

Shaving does not "make your hair grow back thicker".

What haircut would make your thin hair thicker?

If you got your hair cut in layers it would seem thicker.

How many times thicker is a giraffes tail than a humans hair?

how many times thicker is giraffes tail hair than our human hair

Does your hair get thicker if you cut ir?


How to grow thicker hair within two months by doing home remedies?

its really easy theres this hair product thats called thicker and better hair i used it my hair is this as can be.

Is placenta good for hair?

Placenta is good for you rhair. I tried it and it made it shiny and thicker.