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I have been around many pregnant women & this will never happen if you keep hydrated.

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Q: Does pregnancy cause dryness in the mouth?
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Does air conditioning cause a sore throat?

Not exactly. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air (so it can be very humid outside, but not inside). Removing moisture from the air contributes to dry mouth. If you are a mouth breather, you will also dry out your mouth. The dryness of room air, along with dryness from mouth breathing, can cause sore throats--especially in the morning.

Do French kiss cause pregnancy?

Not unless you can transfer sperm from your mouth down into her eggs.

What are some effects of marijuana?

dryness of mouth

Due to entering of mans sperm into the womens mouth cause pregnancy?


Can cancer affect your salivary glande?

Yes. Cancer of the mouth can affect salivation, taste and all aspects of the mouth. Also, radiation treatment in the area of the mouth can cause dryness and other side effects as well.

Produces juices in the mouth?

they are called salivary glands that helps lubricate the mouth to prevent dryness.

Does dryness after fertile cervical mucus is a sign of early pregnancy?

Dryness is not a sign of pregnancy and is normal after ovulation. Typically there is more mucus while pregnant. If you're concerned and have other symptoms take a test.

Does the copper T cause dryness as it blocks the fluids from the uterus?

The copper T does not block fluids from the uterus and should not cause dryness.

Why do you get mouth dryness and giddiness?

It could be a side effect of some prescriptions.

Can Venlafaxine cause dryness of hair?


Can sperm goes through mouth will cause a pregnancy?

No. Sperm the mouth will not get you pregnant .answerNo. There is no relation of your mouth to your reprodictive system. Even if there was, the hydrochloric acid in your stomach would kill the sperm.

Can Covering the fovea palatini by a complete denture causes dryness of mouth?