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I have been around many pregnant women & this will never happen if you keep hydrated.

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Q: Does pregnancy cause dryness in the mouth?
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What are the causes of dryness of the mouth?

mouth and esophagus ulcers

Does air conditioning cause a sore throat?

Not exactly. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air (so it can be very humid outside, but not inside). Removing moisture from the air contributes to dry mouth. If you are a mouth breather, you will also dry out your mouth. The dryness of room air, along with dryness from mouth breathing, can cause sore throats--especially in the morning.

What are some effects of marijuana?

dryness of mouth

Due to entering of mans sperm into the womens mouth cause pregnancy?


What are side effects of inhalant forms of antiasthmatic drugs?

Inhalant forms of antiasthmatic drugs may cause dryness or irritation in the throat, dry mouth, or an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Can cancer affect your salivary glande?

Yes. Cancer of the mouth can affect salivation, taste and all aspects of the mouth. Also, radiation treatment in the area of the mouth can cause dryness and other side effects as well.

Can smoking grass cause a seizure?

No, BUT you can have brain damage, lung cancer, dryness of the throat and mouth, and your 3.0 GPA will drop to 1.0 in a week.

Produces juices in the mouth?

they are called salivary glands that helps lubricate the mouth to prevent dryness.

What produces juices in the mouth?

they are called salivary glands that helps lubricate the mouth to prevent dryness.

Does the copper T cause dryness as it blocks the fluids from the uterus?

The copper T does not block fluids from the uterus and should not cause dryness.

What is the medical term meaning condition of dryness in the mouth?

Xerostomia is the medical term meaning dry mouth

Why do you get mouth dryness and giddiness?

It could be a side effect of some prescriptions.

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