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I need more information to answer that question.

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Q: Does my best friend want to be my girlfriend?
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How do you apologize to your girlfriend after sleeping with her best friend?

You can't really apologize to your girlfriend after sleeping with her best friend because she's lost trust in you, and her best friend. You shouldn't have done it in the first place. I've experienced this but actually I handled it really well. I made it so that my girlfriend and her best friend made me their enemy, attempting to save their friendship. If you're sleeping around with her best friend and most likely other people, then ask yourself, do you really want to be with the girl you were with? Just think about that next time, if there is a next time.

You want your best friends girlfriend?

tell lies about your best friend to the her not to tell him u said this stuff. they break up. bam, u have her.

If a girl asks you out on a date does that mean she want to be your girlfriend or friend?

If she uses the word date, then your girlfriend.

Do youw have a girlfriend if you don't i can be youw girlfriend?

I don't want a girl friend who can't spell.

What do you do when you and your best friend is in love with each other but he has a girlfriend?

You continue to be his best friend and nothing more. As long as he's with another girl, he's not with you. You should make sure to enforce that. You do not want to become "the other woman" in a cheating relationship. Also it would show him not to be a trustworthy person if he is willing to cheat on his girlfriend with you. If he really is in love with you and not with his girlfriend, he will leave her for you. Until that happens, you continue to support him as the best friend you've always been.

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Why did my best friend make love to my girlfriend?

because your best friend is not your best friend.......and well often people want the forbidden fruit, i.e. their closest friend's girlfriend........i suggest you break up with that girl and find a new friend as well.

What should you do if you hate your girlfriend's best friend but want to get along?

You just have to deal with it! Be nice or your girlfriend will have to choose between her friend and you, and trust me, I would pick my friend!

What is the duration of My Best Friend's Girlfriend?

The duration of My Best Friend's Girlfriend is 1.92 hours.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend but you are in love with your best friend?

Then the real question is why isn't your best friend your girlfriend........?

What should you do when your best friend's girlfriend kisses you on the lips?

from experience tell him unless you dont want to be his friend anymore.

Should you hang out with your best friend and his girlfriend who you hate or should you not hang out with your friend?

If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.

When was My Best Friend's Girlfriend created?

My Best Friend's Girlfriend was created on 2008-02-13.

What to do if your best friend flirt with your girlfriend?

Tell him or her to knock it off that's rude but try not to be mean to them you don't want to lose your relationship with your best friend.

How do you know if a guy likes a friend of his best friends girlfriend?

he probally would talk about her and stare at her or make fun or talk bad about her. He will always want to hang around his best friend and his girlfriend, and he will constantly chat to his best friend and girlfriend to catch the attention of the girl he likes. Male dynamics :) *sigh*

Your best friend likes you and you like her back but you have a girlfriend?

If you like your best friend , tell it to your girlfriend para Hindi na masaktan pa Yung girlfriend

Should you share your girlfriend with your best friend?

Sharing your girlfriend with your best friend is the ultimate demonstration of your friendship. It is even more meaningful if he does not have a girlfriend.

What do you do if your girl friends best friend likes you but you don't want to hurt her feelings but you also kinda like her but you love your girlfriend?

Yeah I have a similar problem to that. You need to decide who you love more, your girlfriend or your girlfriends best friend. It's your choice what you do, but if I'm honest, if I were you, I'd stay with your girlfriend, and tell her best friend that you love your girlfriend, because it's not worth it to dump her for her best friend. It's not a nice thing to do either :)

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