Does mattel ship to the UK?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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You can buy Mattel products in the UK.

Mattel has its own UK website if you want to order from there.

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Q: Does mattel ship to the UK?
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Was there a Barbie Cruise ship designed by Mattel before 1980?

The first Barbie Cruise Ship was designed by Mattel in 1959. It came with disco ball and dance floor, a Ship's funnel, a long slide into the swimming pool, furniture and lots of accessories. When playtime is over, everything can be stored in the ship and put away until next time.

How do you email Mattel?

type in Mattel inc.

What is Mattel's population?

Mattel's population is 31,000.

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What is the Mattel logo on Barbie dolls?

The Mattel sun logo is always on the box, not the doll. The word "Mattel" is written on the doll's backside.

What company produces the Barbie doll?

Mattel, Inc., makes Barbie dolls. Mattel, Inc., of Segundo, California The toy company that makes barbie dolls is mattel inc Mattel. Barbie has always been a registered trademark of Mattel. Mattel was originally known as Matson and Elliott, of which it is a sort of contraction. Under the Matson and Elliott label they made the Linoprinter, a combination typesetting machine and printing press, which sadly did poorly in the market place. It was not known whether to market it as a toy or a business machine. Mattel, Inc. The designers for Mattel are based in Los Angeles at the company's headquarters. Mattel's actual factory is in China.Mattel, Inc.Barbie dolls are made from the Mattel company.Mattel Inc. of El Segundo, CAThe Mattel company.mattelNO, Mattel makes Barbies

When was Mattel Aquarius created?

Mattel Aquarius was created in 1983-06.