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If you a heavy marijuana user then no

If your new to marijuana uses then use

I haven't tried it, but in the 60s marijuana brownies were supposed to make people high.

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Q: Does marijuana that is baked do anything to your body?
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Can marijuana harm your body?

anything harms your body if you do to much of it.

Is there any good outcomes of smokin marijuana?

u get baked

Why marijuana should not be legal?

I have not found any reasons why Marijuana should not be legalized. It does not do anything bad to the body, is not addictive, and does not need anything added to it in order to be able to use it. Marijuana has more medical purposes than any other thing on the earth.

How does marijuana effect the organ system?

Marijuana alone has no effect on your body, but smoking anything is bad for your lungs (respiratory system) and kills brain cells (nervous system)

How long does the high of marijuana and what are its stages?

Stoned, High, blazed baked, STICHED

Is marijuana harmful to the body?

no marijuana is good for you

Does marijuana do anything to your veins?


What is the delivery method for marijuana?

Marijuana is usually smoked (much like tobacco) but it can also be brewed as a tea, or baked into brownies. Do not do this unless you have a legitimate medical reason to do so.

Can marijuana stay in a kids body if they never smoked?

If the marijuana was inhaled it stays in your body for 30 days.

What can dried marijuana be eaten in?

The dried herb can also be prepared for eating in cookies or other baked goods.

What makes your body want marijuana?

Nothing, Marijuana is non-addictive.

What can get marijuana out of the human system?

Sometimes when you get baked enough man my friend ejaculated you have to try it it feels soooo good. also marijuana can clear your sinuses and get rid of the mad vibe