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no hasish has a stronger level of thc because it is the purest form of thc. its made from the "keef" of marijuana

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Q: Does marijuana have a stronger THC level then hashish?
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Why does hashish affect a user more strongly than marijuana?

THC is much more concentrated in hashish than in marijuana.

What does hashish have to do with camel dung?

Camels cannot digest the THC in marijuana. If they are fed bales of the dope, what they excrete is a superpotent hashish. All the THC that could not be digested is concentrated in their dung.

What drug contains a chemical called tetrahydrocannabional better known as THC?

Marijuana and hashish.

Is the opium poppy myhrr?

No, hashish (hash) is not an opiate drug. It is concentrated THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). It is made from marijuana, in fact.

What combination of drugs show up as weed?

Generally only THC will show up as THC. So marijuana, hashish and the like will show up.

What is the highest level of THC you can get?

THC levels refer to the concentration or potency of marijuana according to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration. The highest levels are 20 percent which is found in hashish oil.

What type of cannabis has the most THC levels?

Hashish allegedly has 50% more THC than marijuana. As far as strains go, you'd have to "know someone", I suppose.

Is there more THC in marijuana than hash oil?

No, hash oil is much, much more potent than marijuana. Good weed has at least a 10% THC content, and the most potent weed on earth has around a 30% THC content. Hashish has about a 20% to 40% THC content, and hash oil has about a 70% THC content.

What is the highest THC level that a marijuana plant has ever had?


How can you increase the THC level in your marijuana plant?

Call the cops for assistant.

How is THC put on marijuana?

THC is not put on Marijuana. THC is a chemical that is produced by the female marijuana plant during flowering.

When did the purple haze come out?

All Marijuana is the same so there for all of it come at the same time... The Difference in purple haze and the rest of other marijuana is the chemicals put in it to make the resin stronger or a higher THC Level. People started adding more chemicals in marijuana about 1990...