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no, weed is either soft, crumbly, or sticky (if your lucky). But has none of the traits of thistle plants.

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I'm not sure but it is made from the hemp plant

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No. Marijuana does not have thorns.

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Q: Does marijuana has prickly thorns
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What type of tree has thorns on trunk with edible shoots?

PRICKLY pear cactus

What bush has red and yellow blooms and thorns?

Roses, prickly pear cacti, Jumping cactus (cholla)

What thorn tree has yellow wood?

Prickly ash is one tree that has thorns and yellow wood.

Do strawberry plants have thorns?

No, the plant we usually get strawberries from is thorn-less. There is a Strawberry Tree that has thorns, but this is not the usual source of strawberries.

What kind of shrub is brambles and can it be eaten raw?

Brambles are blackberry bushes and the fruit can be eaten raw. The bramble is made up of long arching stems with prickly thorns. There is also a US version of the bramble that does not grow thorns.

What does prickly pair look like?

The cactus has flat green "paddles" covered in long thorns. The "paddles" can be eaten like a vegetable after pulling the thorns, peeling, and cooking. If you want dice. The fruit is round red or orange "pears" covered in short thorns. The "pears" can be eaten like a fruit after pulling the thorns and washing (peeling is usually unnecessary).

How does papyrus grow in the Nile River?

Papyrus grows in the Nile River by rooting itself in shallow waters and forming dense clumps of tall, triangular stems. It thrives in wetlands with slow-moving water and can grow up to 15 feet tall. Papyrus has a unique root system that helps it absorb nutrients and anchor itself in the muddy riverbed.

What is a sentence using the word cactus?

The thorns on cacti are like seeds, if you want to reproduce a cactus you will probably need a green house, if you don't have a greenhouse you can take a plastic bag and poke small holes in it and drape it over the cactus. Cactus thorns are sharp and prickly they are a natural defence system.

Why do you have to separate the seed thorns and branches of cotton?

If not removed they will mess up the thread, yarn, or cloth eventually made from the cotton. For example you would not much like wearing cotton underwear with lots of prickly bits and lumps in it, would you?

A type of prickly plant?

There are several types of prickly plants. Some of these plants include cactus, milk thistle, prickly pear, and prickly poppy.

Can you put a prickly in a sentence?

That is one prickly rose. The prickly side of the leaves made it hard to pull the weeds. She gave a prickly response when asked, "How are you today?" My girlfriend's mood reminded me of the prickly bushes of a thicket.

What is the state plant of Texas?

The Prickly Pear Cactus