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Yes. It's well proven, over and over. Don't drive.

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2015-04-16 07:05:17
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Q: Does marijuana cause slow thinking and reaction time?
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Does marijuana slow your reaction time down?

Marijuana may slow down your reaction time, depending on how long after consumption you are referring to.

What is the effectsof marijuana?

Effects From MarijuanaThere are really no effects from marijuana...but everybody is not the same. On the behalf of some people marijuana may cause short term memory. It also has THC that may make the thinking of your brain slow.

Does marijuana slow down an athlete?

yeah it does because it might get the athlete sickother than that reaction time?

Is it proven that internet slows down thinking?

yes, it is proven that the internet can slow down reaction time.

Which drugs slow your reaction time down?

That would be alcohol and any downer, sedative, or opioid painkiller, and marijuana. The list includes: Alcohol Barbituates Codeine Heroin Marijuana Opium

Marijuana and lorazepam effects on heart rate?

marijuana can cause anxiety wich increases your heart rate , lorazepam will slow down your heart rate and calm you

What is the medical term meaning slow thinking?

Bradyphrenia means slow thinking.

What is slow chemical reaction?

It is a chemical reaction with a slow reaction rate; see the link below.

Can an enzyme slow chemical reaction?

Yes. An enzyme acts as a catalyst to slow the reaction of a chemical reaction.

What is meant by the rate of reaction?

The rate of reaction refers to the speed at which a reaction proceeds.

Is rusting a fast or a slow reaction?


What are the main health risks when smoking marijuana?

Smoking low doses of Marijuana rarely has major health risks but the side affects of smoking marijuana are rapid heart beat, increased rate of breathing, increased blood pressure, red eyes, hunger, and slow reaction time.

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