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There is no proof that Birth Control has a long term affect on being pregnant.

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Q: Does long-term birth control use affect future fertility?
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Is chlamydia life-threatening and can it affect future fertility?

Chlamydia is not life-threatening. It can affect future fertility.

How do abortions affect the future?

You wont have a child, that's all. It does not affect future pregnancies or fertility.

How does egg donation affect my fertility in the future?

Egg donation does not have any long-term effects on your fertility.

Does nuvaring decrease fertility?

NuvaRing lowers the risk of pregnancy while you're using it. It does not affect future fertility.

Can women still have children if they have genital HPV?

Yes. HPV does not affect future fertility.

What can chlamydia stop you from doing?

Chlamydia can affect future fertility by causing scarring in the reproductive tract.

Can taking 4 or 5 birth control pills in one day cause infertility?

Taking four or five birth control pills in a day does not affect future fertility. This is how emergency contraception was done before Plan B came on the market.

Does birth control affect future fertility?

After a woman stops using the birth control shot, her fertility may return right away or may take as long as 18 months to return. The average delay is nine months. This delay does not depend on the length of time the woman used the method.

How high ar ethe chances of the contraceptive implant rod making you infertile?

The contraceptive implant does not affect future fertility.

How long after getting the implanon out can you get pregnant because mine has been out for about a year and iam still not pregnant?

If you have been having sex without birth control for a year without getting pregnant, see your health care provider for advice and an exam. The implant does not affect future fertility.

What are the ratings and certificates for For the Future The Irvine Fertility Scandal - 1996 TV?

For the Future The Irvine Fertility Scandal - 1996 TV is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:L

Does chlamydia affect future fertility in females?

Among women with chlamydia, 10 to 15% will have pelvic inflammatory disease. In many cases, they many not notice any symptoms although chlamydia is affecting their fertility. Of those with PID, 20% may have scarring that affects fertility, and 9% may have future ectopic pregnancy. So for every 100 women with chlamydia, two or three will be infertile and one to one and a half may have a future tubal pregnancy. (see related link).