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No. He doesn't show any affection to anyone on the show.

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Kyoya is lonely wolf. He dont care anyone

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Q: Does kyoya have a girlfriend
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When was Kazuyuki Kyoya born?

Kazuyuki Kyoya was born on 1971-08-13.

Ouran Host Club does Kyoya like Haruhi?

No, Kyoya isn't romantically interested in Haruhi.

Who plays the voice of Kyoya Tategami in Beyblades Metal Fusion?

Peter Cugno voices Kyoya Tategami .

Does kyoya going to marry haruhi in the future?

He Might. Well In the Anime, Kyoya's Father and Tamaki's Father Decided That Haruhi Will Be An Excellent Wife Of Their Sons.Well In My Option Kyoya Should Marry Haruhi.

Who does kyoya tatagani love?

Kyoya is in love with angeia hagani, ginja's little sis who is 11 in metal fushion and 12 in metal masters. Angeia is a dark blader and can turn into a wolf. Angeia also likes kyoya back. Angeia was given a pegesus by ginga, got a capercorn from the viligers she used to live with, and found a wolf in the dark stone. Angeia's goal is only known by the two people she travles with, nile and kyoya. Angeia met kyoya in a secret episode when kyoya fights dogi, kyoya wanted to see her when she hides from him and attacks her with his bey. Angle followed and anoyed kyoya until he agreed to help her with her dark stone problem.

Could damian defeat ryuga?

No he cant ryuga and ldrago dont use their full power in a battle if they did he would defeat anyone and ryuga vs kyoya outcome ryuga kyoya vs damian out come kyoya so if kyoya can defeat damian then ryuga will 100 % take out damian

Who is going to win when ryuga battles Julian battles gingka battles kyoya battles doji?

Kyoya will win no doubt kyoya would do anything to beat ginka he owe doji & Ryuga anyway and julian is weak.

Is kyoya in metal masters?


Is kyoya is the best bladder?


How do you pronounce kyoya?

Here, I'll break it down easily. Key-Yo-Ya

Who has rock Leone in beyblade?

Kyoya tategami

How does Kyoya Hibari have the Mist flame?

From the ring.