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yes it does

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โˆ™ 2009-09-05 23:34:10
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Q: Does kissing a guy's ear turn him on?
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What is gay kissing?

well it means two guys kissing or two girls kissing......

How do guys make out with girls?

By kissing.

Why does putting on lip gloss turn on guys?

It makes lips look wet and kissable. It's like kissing candy lips.

Do guys like kissing girls?


Why do guys like to kiss?

Kissing can be fun.

Is two guys or girls kissing wrong?

No, but why would you want to watch homosexuals kissing. why not?

Where to turn a guy on while kissing him?

touch him in sensitive areas where he can feel your touch the most. i.e. inner elbow crease, arms, back of the ear, etc.

How do you turn on a guy while kissing?

try kissing his genitals

What ear is the gay ear to pierce?

Guys pierce their right ear if theyre gay.

What can 6th grade guys and girls do about kissing on the lips?

* * * *

How do you turn your boyfriend on while kissin?

while kissing him use your hands...gently run your hands along his legs chest or back this really will turn your guy on also stop kissing him for a second look into his eyes and give him a very fun and flirty smile...guys go crazy for this

Why when guys kiss it's gross but when girls kiss it's ok?

Not all guys kissing is gross, just sometimes but its because they are unsure how and slobber a bit. But its not really gross its kind of funny. Girls kissing is okay cause they go for it short and easy instead of trying to make out! It's the way you see it. Not everyone sees it the same way as you ! A gay guy would think guys kissing is OK, but maybe not with girls kissing, whereas a straight guy will think guys kissing is gross, but girls kissing exciting !

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