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It depends on the gender of the person she is speaking to.

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It could suggest she is interested in talking to you or enjoys your company. It's a positive sign that she is engaging with you and taking the initiative to start conversations.

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Q: Does it mean anything if a girl always starts the conversation?
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How do you make friendship a girl?

Friendship starts, by conversation. Finding out interest and asking question.

I like this girl that i ended it badly with last time now shes dating a friend but always starts random conversation that last a couple hours on facebook with me what does this mean what is she trying?

to bum rape you

How do you know if this girl likes you she always starts a conversation on Facebook but she replies in like one or two words and its hard to reply back?

I would guess she likes you. When a girl likes you, they enjoy long conversations. One or two word answers usually make a conversation longer, so she probably likes you. Hope I helped.

How do you make friendship with a girl?

Friendship starts, by conversation. Finding out interest and asking question.

What does it mean if a girl always smiles when she looks at you and always tries to have a conversation with you?

if she always trys to make conversation with you it means that she really likes you so therefore wants to talk to you and if she smiles it means she's happy to be with you

How do you start a conversation with a girl you like but never talked to before?

I would say....... Hi/hello/hey..... then she responds (hopefully) and then you ask her how are you or what's happening and then the conversation starts.

What should a girl do if she starts liking girls?

If a girl starts liking starts liking other girls it is perfectly fine, but before anything make sure the other girl likes you in that kind of way, you don't want to freak her out or anything, but no stalking never stalk just get know her before you ask her out or anything.

What does it mean if a girl turns to look in your direction a number of times she starts a conversation and she tries to get involved with a conversation you're having with someone else?

that she might like you or she wants to be friends

Where can you have a conversation with a girl in school?

You can have a conversation with a girl in the school backyard.

What can you talk about with a girl?

Humour is always good, but keep it clean. Misogynist jokes never go down well. Compliments are also good. Anything you have a problem with: "Why is the bus toll so high" is food for conversation.

How can a fourteen year old guy make any girl want to kiss him?

By having a conversation then it starts to slow down...Then lean in

How can you you turn a girl on without feeling her up?

By stimulating her mind. It starts with a conversation, a lot of eye contact and a whole lot of seduction :)