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Not neccisarialy but if you like him back start flirting and he responds continue forward.

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Q: Does it mean a guy likes you if you are standing next to him and you move because he is too close and he move next to you again?
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What does it mean when your crush gets all nervous to get a picture with you standing close?

He probably likes you back.

Why was he standing very close to you wean wear at some ones wedding?

he most likely likes you and wants to get to know you

Why was he standing close to you wean you wear doing jumping pic then your hands touched in air?

he clearly likes u and if hes hot... go 4 him

Why are you always thinking your best friend likes your husband?

Because both of them are close to me

Why does he stand very close to you when you talk in groups?

Because he probably wants to be close to you and feels that if he does not show he likes you somebody else will ( are you'd in a relationship ) ?

If a guy is close to you does he like you?

it doesn't exactly mean that he or she could probably be just standing or something.But if he or she keeps looking at you or always talking about you all mean then he likes you but if he talks about all mean and stuff and keeps looking at you then he definatly likes Glad to HELP!

Why do your girlfriends always want to wear your jacket?

because it makes her feel close to you and probably because she likes that your sweater smells like you

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because they are close to the ocean and they are northern states

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because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it

There is this really hot guy and he was standing really close to me during this class trip and he kept smiling at mebut now he barley talks to me only on aim. How do i no if he likes me?

unless the friend will tell him you asked

You told your crush you are not going to see each other for 5 weeks then at someones wedding he spend almost hole time standing very close to me why was he doing this?

he likes u and want to be with u

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