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Most likely. If he's in general a friend of yours and a nice guy, he might do it just because he is. If you don't know each other very well or he's not usually nice like that to girls, he's most likely into you.

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Q: Does it mean a guy likes you if he lets you wear his hoodie when its cold?
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You only said you were cold and a guy drapped his hoodie over your shoulders without a word. What does it mean if anything?

the guy likes you and cares about you or was trying to get your attention

What does it mean when he kiss you?

UMMMMMM! Lets see. It means he likes you!

What does it mean when at school a guy hardly ever lets you out of his sight?

It means he likes you a lot.

What does it mean if a guys lets you wear his sweater?

It means he's a good guy and he likes you.

What does it mean when a boy lets your foot touch his?

Maybe he likes being touched or he wants to flirt with you

What does it mean when a guy lets you go first before him even though his friends lets him go first?

He could just be trying to be polite or he likes you

If a girl lets you hug her and walk with her does that mean she likes you?

sometimes when a girl lets you hug her and walk with her then it means she might like you, but you'll never know unless you ask her.

A friend calls saying he misses me and jokes that he loves me he also lets me wear his jacket and is always calling every night what does it mean?

If he is doing that, that mean he LIKES YOU!!!

If a boy you only know from texting lets you talk to one of his friends on the phone when you call him what does that mean?

That means he likes you, but is embarrased to talk to you.

What does it mean when a guy says lets hit it off?

it just means than he wants to get to know u, n he most likely likes u.

If you are talking to a boy and he smiles at you and stare into your eyes and he lets you touch his face what does that mean?

its Means he likes you ! If you look deep into a boys eyes and they smile they like you.

What does that mean if the guy you like just wants to be friends but does many things that lets you think he likes you?

that means hes a player-flirt stay away!