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of course u need to not laugh .haxsahduaewkj

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Q: Does it hurt when you laugh right before your period?
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Do your breasts hurt and get big before you get your period?


When do your breast hurt before your period?

My breast typically hurt about a week or so before my period is due, but i have heard that swollen or tender breast can be signs of pregnancy.

What will make you laugh?

not laughing at all because if you laugh to hard and long your side will begin to hurt

When did Caitlin Beadles get hurt?

She got hurt in August of 2009. Right before school started back.

Is it normal to feel pains before menral period?

Yes. Ovulation can also hurt.

Why is it so funny when someone gets hurt?

well maybe cause some people are mean and cruel!! if you laugh at someone who gets hurt you better NOT laugh!!! or you will go to... HELL!!

Does it hurt when you have your first period?

Depends what your talking about when you say "hurt." If your talking about pain in the vagina, then no it doesnt her but it feels like your peeing yourslef at times. If your talking about stomach pains and your boobs hurting then yes and no. Your boobs usually hurt before you get your period once your period starts they dont hurt anymore. Stomach pains are very normal but not everyone gets them and they continue off and on during your period. Personally when i had my first my boobs didnt hurt but my face broke out and i felt very tired, and during my period my stomach did hurt but not that badly.

What does it mean when your Titties hurt?

My guess is that this is just before your period and that is normal for your breasts to hurt. If this is not true go see a doctor if it continues much longer.

When do your breasts start to hurt if you are pregnant?

Usually right before your 1 month.

What do you do when a friend hurt her arm on a wall?

Laugh,then ask if she's ok

How do you make your big sister laugh?

Make pretend to hurt yourself.

When do you get Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligent is like you get the right answer for a question. You get your emotional intelligent when you have the right feeling for something. For example like when you see someone in your family got hurt, you cried, or you laugh/smile when you got an A in a class.