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No the blood doesn't come all the time all at once. And it comes out of the vagina, not the urethra.

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Q: Does it feel like your peeing when you get your period?
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When you get your first period does it feel like your peeing?

It does not. You can't really tell unless you're trying to feel it.

Where do polar bears pee?

Anywhere they feel like peeing.

What does your poirod feel like?

i think it feels like you are peeing all te time

Why does it feel like your peeing when you sperm?

First of all with grammar like that you shouldn't be "sperming"

When do you know you've almost got your period?

you get tired easy, cramps, back aches, mood swings, and food cravings. It will feel like discharge coming out and it will most likely start light, but if it's heavy, it will feel like peeing your pants. make sure if you feel like this, stay home.

When you are on your period does it feel like you have peed on yourself?

Not really. There are time if not using a tampon that if you cough or laugh or stand from sitting it can feel like its streaming out but you will be having a heavy period for this to happen, so in a way, like a peeing feeling but not from the area where pee comes from. If you go through this and dont want to use a pad a tampon will help in not feeling this gushing feeling.

What are the signs that you are about to start your period for the first time?

You'll feel like you're peeing when your not. Check your underwere then. If you see a brown or dark red spot then congrats, you started your period. If youhave grown hair on your privets and brests then congrats again, your a women.

How does peeing your pants feel? a warm liquid is comin from u and why do u wanna know

Does peeing your pants feel good?


How can you tell if you are about to ejaculate or if you just have to pee during sex?

peeing doesn't feel like its the best feeling in the world....

Why after peeing does it burn and feel like have to urinate right after stand up?

it means you have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period?

That is a period.