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Q: Does it cost minutes to play games on your phone?
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Does playing games on a tracfone cost?

It does not cost to play games on your Tracfone. But it does cost minutes to buy games on a Tracfone.

What does it mean when a girl asks to play games on your phone?

That she wants to play games on your phone.....

What websites have Pokemon games?

I think either a Nintendo or Pokemon but I don't know Does it cost anything to play them and can you play them without a Cell Phone?

Can you play games on a phone in south America?

You can play games on a phone in South America just as you can play games on a phone anywhere else in the world. Playing games on phones is something people enjoy around the globe.

Where can one find games to play while sitting in a cafe?

A person can find games to play on their phone while sitting in a cafe, if they have an android phone they can play games online. If they do not have an android phone there are still games installed on most cell phones.

When you play habbo on your phone does it cost money?

No, it would only cost as much as your phone company charges for using the internet.

Does it cost money to play play station2 games online?


What can you do in 10 minutes?

You can do tons of things in 10 minutes. Play games Music Ect....

What is the best phone to play games on?

Probably the iPhone

The iwatch has games to play?

The iwatch does have games that you can play. This watch can do just about anything a phone can do besides call someone.

Do go phones expire?

I have a go phone. Yes they can retire. The warning for shutting down your phone would be: they take away all your minutes. And when it shuts your phone down you could turn it on and like play games on it but you won't be able to like put anymore minutes on it. Unless you go to the closest at&t store and ask them to reactivate the phone. by the way, this only happens if you dont use the phone or get minutes for about 4-5 months. :) hope this helped

What cell phone do you need to play facebook games?

any kind of phone that has Internet.