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I would think so. It depends on his attitude towards you.(Romantic,or harassing?) If he starts to bother you, I would confront him about it. If that does not go well, get PROFESSIONAL HELP. I wish you best of luck.

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it depends on the guy the guy, and what we wnats you to do when he ignores you.

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Q: Does ignoring a guy make them want you more?
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How do you say sorry to a guy after you basically ignore him for days?

Just go up and talk to him. Explain (if you want text..) why you were ignoring him, what was wrong, etc. If you were ignoring him for no reason...make something up..?

While your kissing a guy how do you make him want more?

Once you're making out with a guy, you get sooooooooo into it You moan, make your kisses wet (not too wet), and sexy to make him want more.

Why do girls think that ignoring guys they aren't interested in is polite?

Girls that are ignoring guys they are not interested in think it is more polite to ignore them than to have to explain they are not interested in them. They would rather not hurt the feelings of the guy and by ignoring them, the girl hopes the guy will not speak to them.

Why make a man jealous?

Most girls do it so it will make the guy want you more and try harder for you.

If a guy that likes u gets mad at u so he ignores your texts then u text him n say instead of ignoring me just tell me u dont want to talk 2 me no more n i wont but he doesnt say anything y?

He is ignoring you. He is not obligated to respond. You might want to just accept the message he is sending.

What should you do if your friend is ignoring you A guy?

Well then yell in their face make yourself noticed and if its a girl then move yourself towards her and if your not going out she'll shove you out the way and thatll mean she's not ignoring you

How do you tell a guy you miss him even if you were ignoring his flirting for a while?

You say "I miss you, even if I was ignoring your flirting for awhile."

How do you make a guy jeolous?

if you want to make that guy jelous then like get another guy and when they guy you want to make jelous is walking by you guys quickly kiss the guy if you know him though and or just if you really want to make him jelous or even mad about getting you back with him.....DATE HIS BEST FRIEND.

If a guy wants to know why you're ignoring them does that mean they care about you?

I myself and male and typically when a guy asks Why you are ignoring them, usually it means they are intrested in you and are trying to get to know you better. yes they care about you.

What tips can you give to make sex more pleasurable or is there anything special that you and your bf do that makes sex good?

Make sure you find a gal that swallows. I am a guy and we only want fin sex I am a guy and we only want fin sex

How do you deal with a guy who keeps harassing you when you already tried ignoring him?

It really depends on how serious it is. If it is sexual harassment, I would call the cops to get him away from you. If this guy is more or so physically abusing you, then you might want to call the cops. you should confront him and tell him that he needs to vack off, or you WILL call the cops.

What is 'I want to be the Guy'?

I wanna be the guy is a game that will make you shot bricks.