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No, but it is a great commercial.

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Q: Does heineken make a Heineken holiday 5 pack?
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Does Heineken make a 18 pack?

If you buy bottles they make an 18 pack

How much does a 12 PAC k of heineken cost?

look online its not that hard In New York, the average 12 pack of Heineken is about 20$. But, when on sale, I've seen them as low as 13$

Can you make christmas in sims 2 seasons?

No, you need the Holiday stuff pack.

Can you make Christmas on the Sims 2 PC?

Yes but you need the Holiday Party stuff pack.

How do you pack for a sunny holiday?

Lots of shorts and tees make sure you also chuck in a few flowery dresses to!

How many 12 oz beers in in Heineken keg?

5 liters = 169 ounces or 14 beers. Price compare: typically, in California, Heinekein in a 12 pack is a better deal. Even if you ad in the unfair recycle fee, it comes up pennies per bottle chepaer to buy bottles than the mini keg. Too bad. I'd feel better if it went the other way by a few cents it would be great. We're trying one this week in my fridge. Less guilt about bottles.

What to pack for your 11 year old daughter for your holiday?


What do you pack for a skiing holiday?

Any thing that will stop u freezing to death and pack lots of socks and big boots to wear

What do you need to pack if you are going on holiday to America?

It depends on what part of the country you are going to.

What should you pack when going on holiday?

Rosie cus shes a small but useful object

How do you have Christmas on Sims 2?

You have to have The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff pack installed.

What is the difference between sims 2 happy holiday and sims 2 festive holiday?

The only difference is the festive pack has a few extra items.