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No it does not harm the baby as long as you dont get a fever of 100+ I recommend to boil orange peels in water since teas are not recommended to have during pregnancy because of the Caffeine...Good luck

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Q: Does having a cold while pregnant harm the baby?
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Do cold sores have anything to do with being pregnant?

No cold sores shouldn't affect your pregnancy or the birth of the baby. Just be care full and don't kiss your baby if or while you have a cold sore. It's safer to kiss them when you don't have any signs of a cold sore.

You are five months pregnant and want to quit smoking cold turkey will it harm your baby?

Quitting smoking is very good for you and your baby. Cold turkey won't harm your baby.

What cold medecines are safe while pregnant?

It is not advised to take cold medicine while pregnant, consult a physician first.

How can you stop smoking during your pregnancy?

The safest way to quit while being pregnant is cold turkey. It's very hard to do, but the medications and patches that contain nicotine are harmful to the baby.

What can be done for cold sores while pregnant?

Apply a topical ointment like abreva regularly to the cold sore. If it's a sever break out then you can take antiviral medication, valtrex is safe to take while you're pregnant.

Can having a cold cause a seizure?

Colds do not cause seizures, though you could happen to have a seizure while you have a cold.

Is it safe to take cold and flu tablets while pregnant and if not how could it affect the baby?

Yes and No. Certain types of medication are ok. Robitussin withOUT the DM is ok. Nothing with aspirin or ib profin. Tylenol is ok.

What's something you run out of quickly while having a cold?


Is it normal while having a cold to have your ears crackle or click while swallowing and having a cold?

Yes it's normal, you have a tiny tube that runs from your ears to the back of your throat, this can get blocked with flem and cause the sensation you describe.

Your rabbit is making a nest out of fur is she pregnant?

Not always The female rabbit could be having a pretend pregnancy or the rabbit might be cold

What is safe to take for a cold while pregnant?

Paracetamol, chlorpheniramine with phenylephrine preparation is considered as safe preparation, during pregnancy.

Why are baby wipes cold?

Baby wipes are cold because of the liquid present inside it. The liquid absorbs the cold temperature. Hence, Baby wipes seem to be cold.