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Sounds like his voice to me, but I don't recognize the female singer.

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Q: Does harry connick jr do a belk Christmas commercial?
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Who sings belk Christmas commercial 2012?

Harry Connick Jr.

Who is the man who sings merry Christmas in the belk commercial?


Who is the actress on Belk's commercial?

The Actress in the Belk Mothers Day commercial is Katelyn Elizabeth Ellison M.D. a Physician. She is basically an unknown has done some modeling on the side and happened to be on the set while casting a Christmas Commercial for Belk.

Who is the male in the Belk commercial who says Merry Christmas everybody?

Kunta Kinte

Where can I find Belk's Christmas Commercial to share?

Check on youtube. They might have it, if you are looking online to show someone the commercial. Type in Belks 2009 Christmas Commercial on

Who voice is it in the new belk commercial that says merry Christmas everbody?

scotty mccreery?

Music from Belk commercial?


Who sings Merry Christmas Baby in the Belk Christmas commecial?

Otis Redding.

Who is the guy in the new belk commercial?

Bekim Trenova

Who is the singer and song for the new Belk commercial?

johnny from the voice

What is the song on the Belk Mother's Day Commercial?

Race You by Elizabeth & the Catapult

What is the name of the song used in the new Belk commercial?

Come Fly Away by Jeremy Fisher is the song and singer in Dec. 2011 Belk Ad.