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Yes, they do. Then they don't worry about if you want to do something or not.

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Some guys may appreciate clear communication about desires and preferences in the bedroom, while others may find it intimidating or overwhelming. It's important to have open and honest communication with your partner to ensure mutual understanding and respect.

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Q: Does guys like it when you tell them what you want them to do to you in bed?
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How would i get the guy you like in bed with you?

Ask him to have sex with you. Believe me, guys want sex and they most likely wont care who its with

Why do 16 year old guys like getting in bed with girls?

An obvious question gets an obvious answer ! because they want to have a sexual relationship with them.

Why does a girl want me to go to the Tanning bed with her I'm a Guy?

The girl may want company on her trip to the tanning bed. There are numerous guys who also tan in a tanning booth.

How do you get girl in bed the first time?

just tell her theres somthin you want to show her in bed

What does a guy want when he kisses you?

well guys are different if he is hot then he might want u in bed but dont act wierd

Signs a guy just wants you in bed?

not only when you feel he is tempting you but also when he moves to quick. for example, say you've only been going out for a few days, and he can't keep his hands off you. (in a sexual way) But for those who want the guys to want them in bed, then you should be ok with that. some things that you can do would be: -mainly flirt -nibble his ear(most guys like that) -bite his lip(it seems to turn them on more) -keep really close, pressing up against him ---------or----------- -just be straight up and tell him you want to seed things up and move to the "next" level. sorry if none of it helped you guys, but i tried

How do you tell a girl that you want sex for your birthday?

you simply just tell her when she asks what do you want say i want you in my bed at night with our clothes off dur!

What does it mean if a guy chat on line to a girl regularly?

it usally mean ethier of these two thingthey really do like you and want to get to know you better, orthey want to get you in bed!now see not all guys are like number 2 some just want to talk:):):)

Why does a guy assume you want sex when you accidentally bump into him in bed?

Well, perhaps because you went to bed with him. Many guys might think that it sends a message.

How do you tell your parents that you have taken your ex back?

I've seen a problem like this before. First you gotta make sure that they are calm. If you act calm about it, they'll act calm. Next YOU HAVE GOTTA ALSO MAKE SURE THAT THE KIDS ARE IN BED, you've gotta tell them once the little guys are in bed. Try to calm them down, tell them to go to bed and remember to tuck them in. Now you can tell them. They'll probably be fine with it. The key is to make them calm, ok? There. Thanks, Mari

He use to tell you the girls he has sleept with when you are on bed?

Sounds like he is bragging. Unless you want to be one of those he talks about to the next girl, dump this loser.

How do you tell your boyfriend you pee in bed that's why you don't want to sleep with him?

You tell him. If he is nice he won't care. Just tell him and he will be fine.