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yes because they use needs when making your tatoo on you

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Q: Does getting a tattoo on the butt hurt?
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Dose getting a tattoo hurt?

I suppose it does.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

They say it hurts worse than getting the tattoo did.

What would make your butt hurt?

Yes your butt can hurt, but its probley from sitting on your butt all day and being lazy or you maybe just have to take a crap!!

Does getting a tattoo hurt worse that getting navel pierced?

It depends on where you get it, some places hurt less, some hurt a LOT more. The spine or the feet are especially painful.

Can you give your guinea pig a tattoo?

No, do not give your guinea pig a tattoo because it is bad for the guinea pig and may hurt alot. PLEASE dont't hurt your guinea pig by sticking a needle in it's butt for a tatoo. It may squirm

Does taking vicodin help while getting tattoo and any side effects?

is there anything vicodin can't help with? people if your getting a tattoo, its gonna hurt. That is the point, it is supposed to hurt. dont get one if you dont like pain.

Does batista have a tattoo on his butt?


Does a tattoo on calf muscle hurt?

Whether or not it hurts depends on your tolerance of pain. That said, getting a tattoo on a muscle is the least painful place to get one.

Does getting a hip tattoo hurt?

<P> <P>All tattos hurt, it is similar to being burnt by a cigarette, but not quite as painful.</P>

Does it hurt getting a tattoo on the ear?

Yea, it's pretty painful and there is a good likelihood that you'll have a headache for the first day after getting it.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt, some sessions hurt more then others. The important thing to remember is that after the pain and the expense has gone, all you are left with is the tattoo, so don't wimp out on size or location because you are worried about it hurting. It's only for a couple of hours. And remember that you can get it removed, although the area of skin where you got the tattoo will never look the same again. It just feels like rubberbands snaping on you hard.

Can your own semen hurt you by getting in your butt?

No! but it can give you multiple diseases and std's depending on if their clean or not!