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No. It might make your nausea worse or upset your stomach, but it won't make anything bad happen that doesn't already happen when drinking alcohol at other times.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-27 20:16:36
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Q: Does drinking alcohol on your period make it worse?
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Does drinking alcohol make ringworm worse?

it doesn't do a whole lotta good.

How can humans make diseases worse?

People can make heart disease worser by drinking too much alcohol

What are the problems with drinking alcohol?

if you do than you will get adicted, and if you want to drink cuz u are depressed, than the alcohol will make you feel even worse

Will drinking beer for supply make a yeasty rash worse for the babies?

Alcohol consumption can make a yeast infection rash worse, due to the sugar it contains. These sugars are passed through breastmilk, so it is possible for this to make the baby's yeast rash worse.

What is worse cigarette or drinking?

Cigarettes are worse because it can kill you and make you have cancer.

How does alcohol help with depression?

It really doesn't. It will make you forget your troubles for a brief period sometimes but the more you drink the worse the problem will seem because alcohol itself is a depressant.

Can dehydration from drinking alcohol make you dizzy?

Yes, it can because alcohol make you more dehydrated.

Does alcohol make your opiate withdrawal symptoms worse?

No, but it won't help them much, either. Most people who are shaking out don't feel like eating or drinking anything.

Does drinking alcohol make you sterile?

If you drink to excess it can.

Why does a doctor tell diabetics not to drink?

Put simply, alcohol damages your liver and diabetics have problems with most of their internal organs such as the liver. By drinking you make your diabetic problem worse.

Will alcohol Kill Hepatitis B?

NO it will only make it worse

What will drinking and doing drugs while you are a paraniod schizophrenic do?

Drug and alcohol use by a paranoid schizophrenic may make behavioral problems worse. The worst-case scenario is that drinking and drug use may trigger a psychotic episode.

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