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i am a dog that is high as hell right now. look i am typing and answering you're question.

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Q: Does dogs have THC receptors
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Does the brain have receptors for THC?

Yes, they're called cannabinoid receptors.

Do insects feel the effects of THC?

Yes. Any animal that metabolized THC would be affected. Any animal that had delta9-thc receptors, that is. However, insects do not have delta9-thc receptors. (And are therefore not "affected" by pot smoke. I surmise all "effects observed" are result of asphyxiation, and carbon dioxide, etc. poisoning.)

Why do you have munchies when smoking weed?

THC in marijuana attaches to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, located in close proximity to the receptors regulating appetite.

Is it true THC is in everyone?

Cannabinoid receptors reside in everyone- consequently small amounts of THC and CBD (cannabidiol) exist in everyone.

What is the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high?

The ingredient that gives you the feeling of being high is THC. It does that because the THC activates CB1 Receptors in the brain.

What have researchers discovered about marijuana and memory?

The hippocampus has THC receptors that reduce short=term memory

What have researchers discovered about marijuana use and memory?

The hippocampus has THC receptors that reduce short=term memory

How much more olfactory receptors does a dog have than people?

dogs have 1,000 more scent receptors then a human

What happens biologically when you get high?

I am assuming you are talking about marijuana so..... There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain. THC is a cannabinoid which blocks the receptors, causing dopamine to flood your brain. This is why marijuana highs are associated with a general feeling of well-being. THC affects the sensory and reaction pathways in your brain.

Is marijuana an antagonist?

THC, the primary active metabloite in Marijuana binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors and is an agonist. It prompts the brain to release dopamine and endorphines into your brain, which get you high. Interstingly enough, cannabis contains another cannabinoid, cannbidiol, which acts as a partial agonist to the THC, blocking some of its effects but still letting it chill in your brain. As the cannabidiol is released from blocking the receptors, more THC is absorbed, keeping you high longer. Good cannabis contains around 18-22% THC and a good 35-40% cannbidiol.

Is there THC in northern lights incense?

No, they contain synthetic cannaboids like JWH to stimulate receptors to have a similiar effects to naturally occuring cannaboids.

Does everyone have a trace of THC in their body?

No, everyone has canniboid receptors in their brain. Canniboids are only found in the plant called cannabis AKA marijuana.