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Q: Does damiana leaves have THC in it?
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Does Damiana contain THC?

No Damiana Does not Contain THC if it did it would not be a safe way to smoke and still pass a urine test.

Does damiana spice contain THC?

No sir :D

Does cotinine show up on nicotine cotinine test if you have smoked damiana?

No. There is no THC in it. You can also enjoy some mugwort if you like!!

What are the household uses of damiana?

Damiana is used in Mexico to flavor liqueurs, tea, and other beverages and foods. It tastes slightly bitter, and the leaves have a strong resinous aroma when crushed.

What is Urdu name of damiana?


What is the mind-altering ingredient in marijuanan?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid

Can marijauna leaves get you high?

Yes, marijuana leaves can get you high, but they are not as potent as the flowers or buds of the plant. The leaves contain lower levels of THC, but still have psychoactive properties when ingested or smoked. The flowers of the marijuana plant are typically preferred for their higher THC content.

Can you smoke the leave of a plant?

You can if you wanted to but the leaves dont produce THC or have THC in them. Of course you might buy a nugget with a bunch of chopped parts of leaves in it but thats just from where the scissors couldnt get to

When was Damiana Palopoli born?

Damiana Palopoli was born in 1970.

Are weed leaves stronger than weed when you smoke it?

NO! the leaves contain less THC than the actual buds.

Which part of the cannabis contains the least amount of THC?

The stems,seeds,leaves.

The best way to smoke Marijuana leaves?

K first off you don't smoke LEAVES of marijuana it wont get you high, you smoke the bud of the plant and the best way is from a vaporizer but there's different ways of smoking joint 10-20% THC pipe 25% tch bong 30-40% THC Hot knifing 93% THC vaporizing 95% THC