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Q: Does charlie like men
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On what show does Charlie Sheen star as Charlie Harper?

Two and a Half Men. And he stars as Charlie Harper.

Is Charlie Perfume a fragrance for men?

Charlie Perfume may be for either for men or women. One of the fragrances for men is called 'Fire and Ice For Men Perfume' and there are many Charlie Perfume cologne products out.

Who plays charlie in minute men?

Luke Benward plays Charlie Tuttle in Minute Men.

What shoes does Charlie Sheen wear on 2 and a half men?

what shoes does charlie sheen wear in 2 1/2 men... Looks to me a lot like "All Weather Mocs" from Lands End.

Would Jon cryer and Charlie Sheen make a good batman and robin?

Yeah because Charlie was a millionaire on Two and a Half Men. Alan lived with Charlie like Robin living with Batman.

Where we can buy a bed like Charlie's bed in two and a half men?

Pottery Barn has Charlies bed...........

Is Charlie Sheen negoiating a new contract for two and a half men?

No, he is not. Charlie Sheen will not no longer be in the show Two and a Half Men.

What is the name of Charlie Sheen character on Two and a Half Men?

His name in the show is also Charlie Harper

In Two and a Half Men who lives with charlie?

Alan (and Jake) live with Charlie in his house in Malibu.

What company makes Charlie Perfume?

The company that makes Charlie perfume is Revlon. It has been made since 1973, and there exist other versions, such as Charlie Blue, Charlie Red, and Charlie for Men.

Who plays charlie in miniute men?

Justin Bieber

On Two and a Half Men who is Charlie's neighbors?