Does carmelita fox get a wedgie?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Does carmelita fox get a wedgie?
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Where was carmelita fox born?


Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox?

so together!! ;)

Has Carmelita Fox ever cried?

im sure

Will Carmelita Fox fall in love with Jean Bison?

No she will not fall in love with jean bison.

Will sly cooper ever love Carmelita Fox?

he does he faked amnesia to develop his relationship with her

What color are Carmelita Fox's eyes?

In Cuba, as Carmelita is known the dark coffe color. It was motivated by the color of the dresses used by the monks and nurses of Carmelita's order who arrived to Cuba around the XVIII century from Europe. Gilberto M. Amador from Artemisa, La Habana Cuba

What is going to happen to sly Cooper and carmelita fox in sly Cooper 4?

They will probably be together still. I have no idea.

Did sly cooper kiss carmelita fox in sly 1?

yes on the last second of her 10 sec head start

Has sly ever taken care of carmelita fox?

Yes in sly 3 Carmelita Fox is possessed by a dark magic mask and Sly and the gang save her by taking it off of her, afterwards she remained unconscious and had fallen to sleep, so the gang decided to be 'gentlemen' and took care of her. The cute part is is that the gang left pictures in her evidence camera. The cute picture was one of sly kneeling and holding out a flower to the sleeping Carmelita!They are so in love!

How old is Carmeilta fox in sly Cooper?

Carmelita Fox is around the same age as the members of the Cooper gang, and a specific age is never stated but as of Sly 3 they are in about their early twenties.

What is the birth name of Carmelita Johnson?

Carmelita Johnson's birth name is Emerald Bianca Carmelita Johnson.

What would Sly cooper and Carmelita foxes children look like?

A blue fox with a wierd tale? THEY DIFFERENT GENUS THEY CANT BREED i think...