Does bulky mean fat

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Does bulky mean fat
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What other words can be used to descrive bulky?

A describing word for bulky is "Fat".

What is a five letter word that means fat and clumsy?

You could try the word "bulky" which can mean "awkwardly large; big and clumsy".

Who is Charlotte Pearson?

a fat girl with a massive bulky nose

What does ''bulky'' mean?

Bulky actually means big and cumbersome. In medical terms usually means sizeable.

Will running for 30 mins slim your legs down and make my legs bulky?

Running everyday will make your leags, specially quadriceps muscles stronger. Depending on your current size, it may make your legs slim, bulky or lean. If you have fat yours will be slim or lean. You are slim, your fat will be bulky. It all actually depends on your gene.

How do you use corpulent in a sentence?

The corpulent woman ate 194385 cupcakes.means fat, bulky body

What does Corpulescence mean?

do0 you mean corpulence, which is a large or bulky body

Does stocky mean bulky?

No stocky could mean tall though

What are some different meanings of the term 'corpulent'?

"Corpulent" can mean excessively fat, having a bulky body, or round of shape. There are not that many shades of meaning, however, for the term "corpulent", they all insinuate the condition of being overweight.

Can muscled fat legs get smaller?

Yes, if you do cardio, do lighter weight and more reps, you will lose the fat & tone your legs, if you want your muscles to stay bulky then do lower reps and heavier weight.

What is a sentence for the word stocky?

"He was moderately good looking, although a bit on the stocky side"

What exactly is the definition of bulky?

Bulky can mean something that is in excess or stretched beyond its usual means. It can also refer to something that is large or oversized. The root of the word is bulk; meaning in large quantity.