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Well if you've been chewing on the same part of the lip for a long time then it might get swollen and yes the lip will get fat. But if you stop biting and let it heal by maybe putting some moisturizer on it, it will heal and will be better

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Q: Does biting lips make them fat?
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How do you make my lips red?

keep biting them or put red lipstick on

What will happen if you keep biting your lips?

it can cause bad ulcers

Is it bad to bite tongue while kissing?

In some ways its bad. Watching a woman biting her lips can be very erotic. When a woman is aroused the lips will puff up and blood will flow to the lips causeing them to turn more red. Thats why women use lip stick. to make lips artificially red. The reason why these things happen is to imatate the appearance of the vagina. Thus, is the reason why men tend to be aroused by lips. especially if you advertising them by biting on them. On the other hand, Biting them can't be good for them physically.

What is Kristen Stewarts worst habit?

biting her lips and chewing her nails

Are thin lips sexier than fat lips?


How can one receive sugar lips?

Someone can get sugar lips if that is what they want by moistening their lips and then covering them in sugar. They can also be got by biting the lips a lot so they plump up and look more appealing.

What did blacks have to do to register to vote?

they had to rub there stomach and there head at the same time they were biting there lips

How do you make your lips look fat?

You can try a lip plumping lip gloss like Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation. Or, you could also line your lips with lip liner.

So i bite my cheeck and lips how do i stop I only bite my lips when they're chapped though but my cheek I can't stop biting and I don't know why Please help?

You are probably biting your cheeks and lips from stress, like some people bite their nails. Try chewing sugar free gum or eating hard candy instead.

Do people want full lips?

YES THEY DO! And first of all there not called "big lips" they are full lips! Full lips are in fashion, people have surgery for them, people pay millions of dollars for them, people get fat sucked out there butts and have that fat put into their lips. And when they get the surgery it still doesn't look right! .

Is a guy biting a girls lips gay?

No.No, but it isn't nice either. It hurts and causes sores. Be gentle.

If you get fatter do your lips get bigger?

No. There are few, if any fat cells in the lips. It's mainly made of muscle.