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No BCP cannot cause an abortion or miscarriage but if you try to take enough to cause this, it will make you seriously nauseous and you'll vomit.

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Q: Does birth control pills induce labor in early pregnancy?
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Does birth control effect early pregnancy?

Well, when I went to get my birth control I had to take a pregnancy test first & I asked why & they said if I was already pregnant & they put me on birth control it could kill my baby. So im assuming yes.

Can early removal of the birth control patch cause a late period?

Yes, early removel of the birth control patch may cause an early or late period. Since you weren't using effective birth control, take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

What would cause bleeding a week early?

The following will cause early bleeding: * Irregular period * Pregnancy * UTI * Hormonal Imbalance * Stopping birth control * Starting birth control

What if you start the next cycle of the birth control patch early?

It's fine to start the next cycle of the birth control patch early. It does not increase your risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk.

What are the causes of early pregnancy and premarital sex of the college students?

Early pregnancy happens because they are not using birth control. Most people have "premarital" sex, not just college students.

Is it safe to have anti pregnancy pills?

Yes, anti-pregnancy is safe to prevent early/unwanted pregnancy. Abortion pills are the medicines that are used to terminate a pregnancy above 12 weeks. Birth control (anti-pregnancy pills) is used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are considered effective to prevent pregnancy if you consume the pill within 72 hours.

How can you get your period a week early using birth control?

Your period will arrive early if you miss pills but doing this is risky as you wont be protected against pregnancy.

If I take my non birth control a week early will my birth contorl not work?

Because you took your non active pills instead of the active pills this has basically interfered with birth control protecting you against pregnancy and has also messed up your cycle. You must ALWAYS take birth control as prescribed. You need to use a condom for the next 4 weeks to prevent pregnancy and take your birth control as normal.

How early will the combination birth control pills work?

It will stop ovulation & prevent pregnancy when you've been taking it for 4 weeks.

Can you start a new pack of birth control pills a day early?

Starting a pack of birth control pills a day early does not increase the risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period will just arrive a day early that's all.

Can they induce you when you are 37 weeks?

They can, they likely won't until 42 weeks, however if mom or baby is having a health problem they may induce early because its safer then continuing the pregnancy

Can birth control cause changes in breast veins?

Yes, it attempts to fool your body into thinking you are pregnant - many of the side effects mimic early pregnancy.

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