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It all depends on the person, because its hormones basically.

some people lose weight, some people put on weight, some don't change at all!

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Q: Does birth control implants make you gain weight?
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How do you prevent gain weight while taking birth control?

To prevent weight gain on birth control, don't change how much you eat or exercise. If you were gaining weight before starting birth control, you'll probably continue to gain weight after starting birth control.

How can birth control make you gain weight?

Despite old wives' tales to the contrary, birth control pills do not cause weight gain. Patients on birth control pills and patients not on birth control in controlled studies both gained weight.

How do you gain weight on your arms?

The ony way short of implants to control where to gain weight is by working out. A training programme with weights targeting the arms will get the muscles there to grow.

What ingredient in birth control pills make you gain weight?

The Birth Control itself does not have any ingredients in it that make you gain weight. The birth control makes you crave food and its the food you eat that makes you gain weight. So when you crave the food go for something healthy to eat such as fruit.

Does Mirelle birth control increase weight gain?

Yes it does.

Can you gain Weight from going off birth control?


Does all birth control make you gain weight?

Yes, most birth control pills do cause meight gain, but some less than others,

Do women gain weight after breast augmentation?

Having breast implants inserted only affects body weight in that the implants themselves have a weight.

What the most common birth control that will prevent you from gaining weight?

No birth control method will prevent weight gain. Weight gain results from a mismatch of energy intake and energy output. If you eat right and exercise, matching your input and output, you will not gain weight once you reach your mature adult size.

Does certain birth controls make you gain weight?

Yes. There are several forms of birth control where patients have reported weight gain. Some pills and the depo shot for example.

Do birth control pills have an effect in gain weight or loss?

Woman swear by the pill causing weight gain, but the manufactures say it is not so and as many women lose weight as gain while on OCP.

I want to gain weight what brand of birth control pills should I use?

the depo makes you gain wait but its a shot