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ninja is always fun ( but people can get hurt sometimes, especially with the people i play with :) )

duck-duck-goose is always fun with all ages if you can get them to play.

evolution is fun, if you dont know that game/cant find instructions just let me know and ill tell you

if you want to build teamwork, you can play 'counts', this is harder for younger age groups to focus on though. More for teenage drama rehearsals.

uhm... i know more.... just a sec haha

oh! i dont know the name.... hand-slappy is what everybody calls it. Basically, everybody lays down in a circle and puts their hands inbetween the ppl next to them so that the hands form a circle. the 'tap' goes around, and if anybody double-taps then it switches directions. If your hand moves before its supposed to tap, then that hand is out. fun game for all age groups :)

if you know 'swab the deck', that game is SO FUN! can get a bit violent with teens though, i know from experience. idk what your group is like. Instructions are probably online somewhere if you just search the name of the game, it would take forever to explain cuz it would be really long. fun though!

hope that gives you some ideas

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Q: Does anyone know of a good group game to play at the start of a cub meeting?
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