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No, no more than 100 USD

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Q: Does any one know the maker and value of a single shot paragon 12 gauge shot gun serial number A-433682 and model WS?
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Model ws paragon single barrel shotgun serial number A484772 any idea when it was made and what it's worth?

70-100 years; 50-100 USD

What is the age of a colt single action army serial number 157240?

A Colt single action 1860 army with that serial number was made in 1866.

How much is a Paragon Model CS Serial number T 18548 worth?

I own a Paragon double barrel and through research on the internet I found out that Paragon was a Trade name used by the J. Stevens Arms Co. and Hopkins and Allen in 1880`s. The nearest I got for a worth value was a single barrel in good or better SHOOTING condition was $100 and the double barrel was at about $175. Hope this helps somewhat and if I run on any updated research results I will post them here.

What year did colt single action army make serial number 66526?

Your colt single action army dates to 1881 with the serial number you provided.

When did springfield make serial number 30368?

when did spring make 12g single barrel shotgun serial number 30368

What is the date of a colt .45 revolver with a serial number of 35 361 and is this a special serial number?

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

How old is serial number 64-07091 ruger new model single six 22?

Your serial number indicates that your Ruger Single Six was made in late 1975.

Can you identify the manufacturing date of a Springfield Arms single shot 22 that has no serial number?

I have a J Stevens Springfield Model 15, .22 single shot, and there is no serial number. I bought it a t a gun store, and the dealer marked my receipt to indicate it had no serial number. There is also no indication that a serial number was removed.

How old is my colt single action scout frontier .22 cal LR serial number 2095OK? has Colt serial number has Colt serial number tables.

What year is a frontier single action with serial number 34170k?

22 cal. single action colt frontier serial# 34170K was made in 1968

Can anyone trace Volunteer Arms 12ga single serial 453?

No published serial number data.

What year was my colt single action frontier scout 22lr serial?

No serial number given.