Does alcoholism run in families

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Alcoholism has been found to run in families and is herediatary. Alcoholism can be treated by acknowledging there is a problem and getting help.

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Q: Does alcoholism run in families
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How many families in the US are affected by alcoholism?

A lot

What gene is alcoholism from?

The genetic component of alcoholism in some families seems to involve the GABRG3 gene. However, no one thinks it is the only cause.

Does alcoholism run in blood line?

Yes but, even if you have the genetic predisposition to alcoholism, if you do not drink you will not become an alcoholic.

What's Alcoholism?

.Alcoholism is a disease that is caused by a person drinking too much alcohol and it disrupts his life. It can cause poverty, destroy families, and the physical health of a person.

Does appendicitis run in families?

It is common observation to have appendicitis run in families.

Does Pernicious anemia run in families?

Pernicious anemia seems to run in families

Where do drinkers live?

If you mean drinkers of alcohol, they live in homes with their families, just like non-drinkers. Many families have one or more family members who struggle with alcoholism.

Who is at risk for alcoholism?

Most people who drink heavily for extended periods of time will eventually become addicted to alcohol. The danger is highest for those with a family history of alcohol abuse or alcoholism -- or those from families of absolute teetotalers, who often have hidden alcoholism in the family past. At highest risk are sons of fathers who themselves developed alcoholism at an early age.

Where online can one learn about the effects of alcoholism?

Wikipedia offers a detailed explanation of this disease. However, if one would like a different approach to alcoholism one can search on a rehab site. These sites show more of the real examples of alcoholism to help one or their families understand its complexity.

Is it possible to run multiple families in virtual families for iPhone?

No. You can only run more than 1 family (5) in the PC/Mac version of Virtual Families

Does aspergers run in families?

Yes, it can.

Does aspergers to run in families?


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