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yes it slows down the pumping of the heart and lowers you blood pressure and body temperature, also can lead to ulcers which can lead to blood clots in the legs and lead to heart attacks and strokes. and cirroisis of the liver is at about 5 year of abuse can cause ereptuble damage, please be careful and quit drinking now if you havent already.take care of yourself.

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Q: Does alcohol lead to heart attack?
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What can Heart Failure lead to?

Heart Failure can lead to heart disease,heart attack and death.

Can thinking about heart attack too much lead you to having one?

Yes. Stress can lead to heart attacks. If you are worried/stressed out about heart attacks and have other conditions that could lead to a heart attack- then it is possible.

Can drinking alcohol give you a heart attack?


How does alcohol effect the heart?

Drinking alcohol in moderation greatly improves heart health and significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Can smoking a pack of Newport lights a day lead to cancer or a heart attack?

It is possible. Smoking does not automatically lead to cancer or heart attack. Smoking may increase you chances of suffering cancer or heart attack

Can you have heart attack during alcohol withdrawals?

Alcohol withdrawal does not cause heart attacks, although you might possibly feel that you are dying from a lack of alcohol.

How do you use heart attack in a sentence?

The doctor warned him that too many hamburgers would lead to a heart attack.

What does coronary artory disease lead to?

a heart attack

How does bad lifestyle lead to a heart attack?


When arteries are clogged it can lead to a what?

Stroke, Heart Attack.

Can alcohol pickle your heart?

No. However, drinking in moderation reduces the risk of heart attack by about 40%.

Does alcohol thins your blood?

Yes, alcohol thins the blood. That's one of the many reasons that drinking alcohol regularly in moderation reduces the risk of heart attack and related Heart disease by about 40% on average.