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Yes. Logical reasoning is the first thing to go. It is the reason why you can be under the influence with hardly a buzz from alcohol.

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Q: Does alcohol alter the ability to make sensible choices and decisions?
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What is the ability to make choices and decisions called?

It is called Agency, or Free Agency. It is a God given gift that we make our own choices and decisions.

What is the meaning of mental CAPACITY?

That is it within a persons own ability to make choices and decisions

What is practical sense mean?

Practical sense refers to the ability to make sensible decisions and judgments based on practical considerations and common sense. It involves being realistic, resourceful, and making choices that are most likely to lead to practical outcomes or solutions.

How can you make your girlfriend drink alcohol?

You can't make anyone do anything against their will. It is a violation of their free will. Respect her choices and decisions.

You make more sensible choices than careless ones?

Better choices than dumb ones

What choices or decisions with justifications you had to make to keep your project on track?

What choices or decisions, with justifications, you had to make to keep the project on track

What is mean by sensible?

sensible means showing good judgement, reasonable A nutritionist can help with making sensible food choices. Running off with a man she's known for only a week is not a very sensible thing to do.

What do you call the outcomes of your decisions?


What should you consider when making decisions?

what you should consider is to choose wisely and never make poor choices like drinking alcohol and smoking or stealing from a store or anywhere.

Freedom to make decisions legal or otherwise based on your own judgment?

Free Will (?)That is as good an answer as any. I think you gave the answer in your question. You have the freedom to make decisions based on your own judgment. You also have to take the responsibility for those decisions. If your decision violates the law, you have the right to be prosecuted and "punished". If you have bad judgment you can make bad decisions. I guess that is true freedom!AnswerThe ability to act or judge on one's own is called discretion. It is the ability or power to decide responsibly, or, act at your own discretion. Discretion is the power to make free choices unconstrained by any external agencies. It a foundation for freedom. Freedom is the ability to make your own choices for your own benefit

What does it mean when a person is referred to as inluential?

When a person is known or referred to as being influential, it is when they have the ability to have sway in decisions made by others. These people may not actually make final choices, but have the charisma or power to dictate those choices in some capacity.

What are the two determinants of moral responsibility?

The two determinants of moral responsibility are free will, which relates to the ability to make choices and decisions, and sufficient knowledge or understanding of the consequences of those choices. Without free will and knowledge, it is difficult to hold individuals accountable for their actions.