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Usually not. But you must cock it between each shot.

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Q: Does a spring air-soft rifle need a battery?
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Is the airsoft Spring SCAR-L Rifle semi-automatic?

No, it is not. All spring powered guns need to be cocked for each shot.

How long should you charge an airsoft rifle?

You need to look at the battery and look up the recomended time. Overcharging will ruin the battery.

Can you turn a spring powered shotgun into an semi auto for airsoft?

No. You need a battery to return the spring to the cocked position each time.

Do I need a batteries for an airsoft gun?

Yes, of course. There are five classifications of airsoft, one is gas operated the second is battery operated, the bolt action gas operated uses a top level gas, spring, and co2. the only one you need batteries for are the battery operated.

How do you maintain a airsoft sniper rifle?

Assuming the sniper rifle is spring it is recommended that you keep the spring well lubed (ya go ahead and laugh). Also you should use a pipe cleaner and clean out the barrel once a week. If you want to keep your sniper in top condition that is what you need to do, but it will work without. If you have more questions about airsoft I'm on daily.

What airsoft battery goes to the well D-94 airsoft gun?

your batteries need more food!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?

How do you change the spring on an airsoft m16?

You're going to need to get to the gearbox and work from there. Please don't do this yourself. Find someone who will upgrade the spring for you. Airsoft GI will do it

How do you make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun?

You can't. If you want to make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun (AEG) it's simply like built an AEG from scratch. You need a new body (which means also a new inner and outer barrel, hop up chamber, and even the handguard), a whole gearbox, wiring, battery.... JUST BUY AN AEG. It's a lot cheaper.

Does a spring air soft rifle need a co2 tank?

If the rifle claims to be spring powered, then it will not need CO2. The gun will specify whether it is spring, electric, or gas powered.

Where can one find information on the Classic Army Airsoft rifle?

One who was looking for information on the Classic Army Airsoft rifle would have to go to the NRA to ask them information on it. They know everything you need to know.

What do airsoft snipers need?

A powerful bolt action rifle some basic camouflage, patients, and time to sight in the rifle properly.

Can you change the fps on any airsoft gun?

Yes. All you need to do is take disassemble your airsoft, take out the spring, and buy a newer, better one. I reccomend all airsoft at