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"First, I assume u mean weed. If that is the case then the answer is it depends on the pipe. A regular bowl certainly will help you conserve that valuable green stuff, however depends it depends on how you smoke it. As with any substance it all depends on howmuch smoke you inhale, so while it may not get you higher than a joint you certainly will save your stash.

In a water bonger the amount of smoke inhaled certainly should get you more high thana join. Be cautious however, do not put any ice, beer, etc in the bong. Alcohol actually dissolves THC reducing in a lessor High. Ice will cause some THC to condense on the sides of the bong and hence will also get you less high than just a straight tug of the tube. "

THC is not water soluable so ice has no effect on the THC. The ice is to make the bong hit feel or taste better.

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Q: Does a pipe get you higher than a joint?
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