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i had a corpus luetum cyst when i was pregnant. it got to be bigger than the baby when i was 10 wks pg. then it ruptured... worst pain ever- even worse than labor. my baby turned out to be fine!

i also had the same experience. i was 10 weeks and my cyst burst and it was the worst pain. i couldn't move for a 1/2 hour. i went to my dr 2 days later and there was no heart beat. they said judging by the babys measurements it died the day my cyst ruptured.

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Q: Does a ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?
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Is a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst in pregnancy safe?

it will not be harmful during the pregnancy no.

Is it normal to start pregnancy with ovarian cyst?

no, its dangerous

Does ovarian cyst feel a lot like pregnancy?

No, it is a lot more painful

Wondering if anyone can help me Does ovarian cyst cause pregnancy like symptoms?

An ovarian cyst causes sharp pain in your abdomen, lower back, as well as rib cage. Answer No, it causes cramps.

Can ovarian cyst have sexual habit?

ovarian cyst is an infection of ovary

Can you have all the signs of pregnancy and not be?

Yeah. I thought I was but it turned out to be an ovarian cyst. You can also be pre-menopausal and have many of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Is it possible for an ovarian cyst to interfere with a home pregnancy test?

Hello Nope, definitely not. :o)

How will you know if im pregnant with an ovarian cyst?

I can use a pregnancy test to find out if you're pregnant, and a phsyical exam and possibly ulstasound to see if you have a cyst.

What does it means when your ovarian cyst coefficient is 7.183?

An ovarian cyst is a sac of fluid that forms on or in an ovary. An ovarian cyst with coefficient 7.813 is considered to be moderately abnormal.

What if ovarian cyst co efficient is 10.272..?

What if ovarian cyst coefficient is she have a malignant cancer?

Is it all right to eat if you have a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Yes you can eat. The one won't affect the other.

What are the different types of ovarian cyst?

i have a septated ovarian cyst 2.7 cm and 6.2mm thickening of endomertrium what causes this ?