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A miscarriage is defined as th loss of the products of conception from the uterus before the fetus is viable. So the mother miscarries the products of conception/fetus. Miscarry: Fail to carry.

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Q: Does a mother have a miscarriage or does the baby miscarry?
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Can you miscarry at 3 months?

Yes. It is called a miscarriage if you lose the baby by the 20 week of pregnancy.

How do you spell miscarry?

As written in the question, miscarry You could also use: * miscarriage * miscarry * miscarried

If you are 20 weeks pregnant can you have a miscarriage?

hello. you can miscarry at 20 weeks or 30. i lost my baby at 7 months.

If you get pregnant three weeks after a miscarriage could your baby come out healthy?

Yes.There is nothing that says the next one will miscarry too, depends on the reason for the miscarriage though.

How can you make yourself miscarry at 3 months?

There is no way to miscarry purposely as a miscarriage occurs when there are problems with the genetics of the baby. If you do not wish to have a baby consider abortion or adoption. <><><><> To attempt this on your own is extremely dangerous. See a doctor. Really.

Is the mother in danger to have another baby after a miscarriage?


Can you get a miscarriage from falling down a lot?

NO, a pregnancy is far too firmly attached to be lost by the mother falling. If you DO miscarry it is nothing to do with the falls.

How much vinegar is needed to have an miscarriage?

Vinegar will not make you miscarry.

How do you miscarry at 9 weeks?

If you are talking about a natural miscarriage, Mother Nature takes care of that and there is nothing you can do. You usually start bleeidng and cramping. If you are talking about induced miscarriage aka abortion, it will have to be a surgical one at the doctors.

If you are Bleeding brown colored blood and cramping but your baby has a healthy heart beat can you still miscarry?

This is called a threatened miscarriage and may settle down or may become a full miscarriage Good Luck.

What happens to a baby if the mother smokes?

the baby is filled with tobacco and it has a damage of dying or the baby might be a miscarriage

What happens to a baby if a mother smokes?

the baby is filled with tobacco and it has a damage of dying or the baby might be a miscarriage

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