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not necessarily, it could mean that they just like you a lot.

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Q: Does a kiss on the lips from a guy mean they want you to be their girlfriend?
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What does it mean when someone says kissable lips?

It Means That They Like Your Lips and Want A Kiss (;

How do you know if your girlfriend wants to kiss you and if you want to kiss her to?

Well you will know when you want to kiss your girlfriend. As for her, see if she looks at your lips a lot, touches you more, and seems to be getting closer to you. Also a more obvious gesture, is if she leans in with her eyes closed.

What does Quiero besar tus labios mean?

i want to kiss your lips *

What does it mean when someone licks their lips when your talking to them?

Especially when talking to them. Licking the lips is a sign that they want to kiss you.

What does the phrase lips like sugar mean?

Your lips are really sweet and if someone who likes you says it they probably want to kiss you

If a boy keeps on staring at your lips how is he going to kiss you?

Chances are that if he feels your hair on your lips then he will be grossed out by the hair. However there are ways to solve that,Wax your upper lip, you can find waxing kits at walmart for very cheap!

Does a kiss not on the lips count as a first kiss?

It can, it depends if you want it to be, although most first kisses ARE on the lips.

What is 'I want to kiss your beautiful lips' when translated from English to Italian?

"I want to kiss your beautiful lips!" in English is Voglio baciare i tuoi labbri belli! in Italian.

How do you say i want to kiss your lips in Brazilian?

Beats me!

If your a girl and a boy stares at you all the time with wet lips what does that mean?

Well mit depends on who it is. If it is your girl/boy friend chances are that they want to kiss you,however, if it is not it is most likely nothing to worry/think about.

If a boy looks at your lips when your talking does he want to kiss you?

If the boy looks at your lips and then into your eyes when you guys are talking then yes he wants a kiss ! (;