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Well, I think it depends on how drunk they are or what they are like when they are not drunk. If he says he likes you sober but seems to clingy or not clingy enough then he might not like you as much. If he claims he loves you drunk and never talked to you sober then he;s just a drunken cheater and an idiot. If you were in Los Vagus with a drunk man like him you'd be hitched already.

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Q: Does a guy like you when he is drunk?
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What is the dupstep song when the guy in the costume gets drunk?

There is a Dubstep song with the name of Drunk Guy Dubstep or Drunk Guy Dancing -Dubstep. This song can be downloaded as an MP3 through your computer.

What if a guy comes to you for a booty call when he's drunk is it because he likes you or because he knows you like him?

It means he's drunk and thinks you're easy.

Who plays the drunk guy in the jaws movie?

that drunk guy's name is Sam Quint and his name is robert shaw

How you tell a guy you dont like him?

tell them they have the intelligence of a drunk ferret then kick them in their baby makers

How can you tell your friend that you like the same guy she likes without getting her mad?

tell her while shes drunk

Have a good guy friend im starten to like hes told you he likes you sober and drunk but hooks up with a lot of girls in front of you or not when drunk dodes he really like you?

nope. sorry but by the sound of that...i truly doubt if.

What if a guy you like goes to your house drunk and kissed you...i asked him if its a friendly kiss he told me yes..but if its a friendly kiss it should be a smack only...but he did a french kiss..?

If he was drunk, he did not know what he was doing.

When a guy is drunk and tries to impress you does he like you?

Either he liked you or just hoped you'd be impressed enough to sleep with him. Drunk people tend to be uninhibited and straightforward, and care mainly about themselves.

What to do to a guy whose girlfriend broke up with him?

Get him drunk.

Is it real when a guy kisses you when he is drunk?

It is a real kiss. As to if it has any significance depends on the guy.

How do you know if a guy is drunk?

Basically, if his breath smells like alchohol, and he is all over you or just acting plain dumb.. he's drunk. You can also ask him questions and see how he responds, or when he gets up and walks and stumbles then he's definitely drunk.

Is it possible to pick up a drunk staight guy?

Yes, if you are a woman it is very possible. If you are a man depends how drunk he is.

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