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If the teasing is mean then he is just a bully, but if the teasing is gentle and not hurtful then he probably likes you, and doesn't know any other way to communicate with you.

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Q: Does a guy like you when he always to tease you?
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How do huys tease there mates if they like a guy?

do you mean how do GUYS tease their mates if they like a guy? As in, try to get the guy they like to know they like them? Or make fun of them because they like a guy? be specific.

If your 13 and you want a kiss from a guy you really like what do you do?

Tease him

Will a guy who likes you get angry if you tease him and flirt with him constantly?

don't tease that's not nice, but flirting is fine and he'll like it.

Should you be nice to the guy you like or tease him a lot?

If he teases u YES if not NO

How do you tell if a guy fancies you?

Answer: You can tell because the boy will always want to be with you and he'll tease you(try to wind you up)

Do boys tease girls because they like them?

My momma always said that was why...

How do you get a boy you like to like you when he likes another girl?

Try to spend time with him to hang out with him, if he does not show interest then he is that the right guy for you. He may come around at a later time. You can always play hard to get... "be a tease"

What do you do if you like a boy but you tease them and they tease you?

be cool! Start flirting(: look at them in the eye for 2 seconds then look away! it always works(:

How can you tell if a guy likes you when you don't know him well?

The guy will joke around with you, and always find excuses to come and talk to you and sit with you, he will tease you and make fun of you:)

Should you make a move on a guy that's always teasing me?

If its playful teasing sometimes guys tease you to hide how they feel.

How do you tell a guy you like him after you tease him?

Maybe say that the only reason that you are teasing him is that you kinda like him...hope this helps! :)

If a call a guy who is way younger than me and I dont like shorty just to tease him might people think I like him?

You shouldn't be teasing him anyway. Don't call him just to tease him, and if you do that is the risk you take.