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obviously! go see him

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Q: Does a guy like you if he wants to see you before he moves?
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If a guy implies that he wants to see you before he moves could that mean that he likes you?

If he is moving it sounds as though he just wants to say goodbye before he leaves.

What does it mean when you feel that a guy is focusing on you and your moves?

he wants to understand you more and figure you out

What if theres a guy you like and he likes you and is moving away?

Date before he moves away or don't at all

What do you do if a guy you like wants to talk before you date?

That is good - it is best to get to know one another before you decide how to define your relationship.

There's this guy I like and I just told him that I like him and he wants me to call him what does that mean?

If a guy you like found out you like him and wants you to call him he probably wants to talk to you because he wants to talk to you about it, possibly wanting to ask you out.

Does anyone remember the name of the movie where this guy moves into an apartment and the girl how lived there before haunts it?

Just Like Heaven

What does that mean if the guy you like wants to get to know you before anything else?

don't panic, that's a good sign, he wants you to express yourself so he can get to know your personality.

Does a guy like you if he wants you to kiss him?


What does it mean if a guy accuses a girl of liking him?

maybe he likes you too and wants to make sure you like him before he takes a chance.

Where can you get moves on meez?

There are certain rooms like a beach room.. There will be a guy. You click him and then it will show moves.

What does it mean when a guy ask your for your number?

That means he wants to know you better he thinks your cute and he wants to know what you like before asking you out

You really like this guy but he wants you to wait?

Then you wait for him, that is if you really love the guy.