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Sounds like it because that's pretty personal and who else do you know that plays with your hair? Try asking her out. Perhaps she's giving you signals and you aren't aware of it.

AnswerYou would be the only one that knows that because of other signals she may be giving you. Are there any other signals that you see? Do you want her to like you? If you like her, then ask her to go out on a group date. Movies, amusement park, aquarium, concert and see how she acts. Additional InfoI must add that she already has a boyfriend but i really think that she likes me... i like her too...what should i do?? Answerwell you should ask her if she likes you (but not when her boyfriend is around you don't wont a black eye) hope this helps and post something on my message board because i wont to know how this turns out :)



It could be a sign of attraction, but i am a girl and i have curly hair so i always play around with my hair. try and look at her more often and see if she plays with her hair when shes around her friends or just when shes alone, if she does it around you it means shes shy or she likes you.

If she really likes u then give her hints you like her too. Maybe she will end her relationship with her boyfriend


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Q: Does a girl like you if she plays with your hair?
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Does girl like you if she plays with her hair?

well its depends, i am a girl and i always play with my hair sometimes with out even knowing it

Does a girl like you if she plays with her hair?

Sounds pretty flirty to me, talk to her.

How can you know if this girl like you?

if she tilts her head to the side and plays with her hair and smile's at you!if she fixes her bra!

I like this girl you talk at recess and lunch she plays with my hair and she makes excusses 2 touch me does she like?

yes very much.

What does it mean when a girl plays with her hair?

She is seeking attention unknowingly

What does it mean a girl plays with her hair?

She is seeking attention unknowingly

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If a girl plays with her hair?

She's nervous, bored or just trying to get your attention.

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