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no. they have their own heartbeat. if you are pregnant and go to the doctor they can put a fetal monitor on you and you will be able to hear the babys heartbeat.

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2008-02-13 19:24:17
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Q: Does a baby share the same heartbeat with its mother?
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I had a transvaginal ultrasound today for something nonpregnancy realtes and heard a heartbeat was that my heartbeat or should I be waiting for a call from my dotor.?

that is not a heartbeat of a baby. it was your heartbeat..had the same thing happen to me! that is not a heartbeat of a baby. it was your heartbeat..had the same thing happen to me!

How do drug get to a unborn baby?

The baby and the mother share the same blood stream, Whatever drug the mother smoke, snort, swallow, drink or inject gets into her blood, and from there over to the baby.

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Does taking drugs when your pregnant effect her baby?

Yes. As the mother and the baby share the same bloodstream, a part of whatever the mother eat, drink, smoke or inject will end up in the baby. And some stuff can very quickly damage the growing child.

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Why mothers don't take medicine during pregnancy?

Because mother and baby share the same blood stream. Some medicines can carry over from the mother to the baby and do some damage. Same reason mothers shouldn't do drugs, but should make sure to eat healthy.

What does a baby's heartbeat sound like?

Just the same as anyone elses except softer and fainter.

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I'm not for sure I am wondering the same question

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