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Q: Does Zach roerig smoke cigarettes
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What is the birth name of Zach Roerig?

Zach Roerig's birth name is Zachary George Roerig.

Does Zach braff smoke cigarettes?


Does Zach roerig have a girlfriend?


Who is Zach Roerig girlfriend?

Candice accola

How old is Zach Roerig?

Zach Roerig is 32 years old (born February 22, 1985).He is best known for his roles on As the World Turns and The Vampire Diaries.

What is mat of Vampire Diaries real name?

Zach Roerig

What is the name of the actor who plays Matt in the vampire diaries?

Zach Roerig

Who is Candice Accola boyfriend?

from what I know, Zach Roerig is Candice Accola's boyfreind..

Who plays Matt in The Vampire Diaries?

Zach Roerig from Saturday Night Live plays him.

Is Candice accola dating micheal trevino?

Haha no I heard she's dating Zach Roerig; Matt from TVD. She calls him her "man".

What actors and actresses appeared in BloodyCon 2012 - 2012?

The cast of BloodyCon 2012 - 2012 includes: Dawn Olivieri as herself Zach Roerig as himself

Does Caroline wozniacki smoke cigarettes?

does rory mcilroy smoke cigarettes