Does Total Jazz Detox work

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It does work...However if you are going to take it a lot for a long period of time, switch to another detox because your body becomes immune to it. That is what happened to me...Ive taken it for 2 days every week for 3 months and in the middle of my 3rd month my urine tests were coming back positive.

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The store owner says people buy it 3 times a week and sware by it. I must be part THC. Because I am 160 lbs. took 2, and still failed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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Q: Does Total Jazz Detox work
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Does jazz detox drinks work?

I just bought the Jazz total detox for my boyfriend. Everything I have read has said it works as long as you follow the directions EXACTLY. this website was really helpful. The test is this wednesday, will keep you posted

Where can you JAZZ total detox drink?

You can order this through the House of Jazz website. There are several different flavors that you can choose from for maximum results.

Did anyone ever failed drug test with jazz total detox?

At home tests you will pass as long as you follow the directions. But a test at the hostipal or by the state can see that you have used the detox.

Should jazz total detox work for all drugs?

Yes, however you must have 48 hours sober from opiates and cocain before drinking jazz in order for it to work. Once you drink it and follow the instructions, piss 3to 5 times before the test, and you're ate straight!

Can you pass a drug urine test after using crack by drinking Jazz Total Detox?

No, the drug is in your hair and fat cells.

Where can you buy jazz detox?

House of Fun in Holiday, FL

Does jazz detox drink keep narcotics from showing in urine test?

It works for most people but some people have something in their body that stops from absorbing the crystals in the detox drink.

Does jazz detox work against lab drug tt?

yes and it works for 96% of people who use it. Follow the directions exactly and add in an extra B2 vitamin so your pee isn't clear.

Does the ultimate blend original detox drink?

Does the original detox drink really work

Does jazz detox work if directions are followed?

Jazz Detox is the best out there, I smoked the night before, followed the directions on the bottle, and passed my test the next day, and its undetectable, Yes this stuff works!*This product has worked for me more than once. I also know other people that this has worked for. However, my brother has also used it and it didn't work for him and he is not overweight or anything. He isn't the only person to tell me this same thing. I am not sure why it works for some and not other. So I guess you would just have to try it.*

Does detox drinks work?


How long should you stop using drugs before trying to use total assure detox drink to pass a drug test?

One year, it is the only way to be clean for a drug test, detox drink does not work.